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Manslaughter Charge Gets Bond Revoked by

Man facing manslaughter charge gets bond revoked after stabbing at party

1:40 P.M. – A Lee County circuit judge this morning decided to take into custody Adeirean Carey, a Cape Coral man accused of manslaughter and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. During a regularly scheduled hearing this morning, Lee Circuit Judge Mark Steinbeck decided to revoke the bond of Carey, 27, who was arrested two weeks ago on the aggravated battery charge, a year after Carey was arrested and charged with fatally shooting a man at his home. Carey was arrested June 9, 2009 and charged with second-degree murder, though the charge was later reduced to manslaughter. Stand Your Ground laws are likely to play a role in the outcome of the case, his attorney David Brener has said. Carey was released on $51,500 bond.

Two weeks ago, Carey was arrested after allegedly stabbing a man at a party. Again, Brener said, Carey was acting in self-defense. A first-appearance judge granted him a $100,000 bond. Steinbeck brought up the idea of putting Carey back in jail today without a motion by the state, though assistant state attorney Bob Lee had no objection. “There was no hearing, no argument, no opportunity to bring in witnesses; the judge just took him into custody,” Brener said after the h earing. “I disagree with the decision, but the court had the authority to do what it did.” Brener said that because Carey was arrested on a new charge while on bond, Steinbeck had the opportunity to reassess the situation and change bond, if he so chose.

“It was also discovered that there were phone calls between Carey and the victim before and around the time of the shooting,” Lee County Sheriffs Cpl. Sean Lawler reported. “Within 30 minutes after the shooting took place, Carey told one of the witnesses someone was trying to break into his residence; so he lifted up the blinds and shot out his window at the person.” His attorney David Brener has said the shooting was in self defense. Then on July 12, Carey was arrested at a party he hosted on Van Buren Street when he reportedly stabbed a man who was arguing with Carey’s mother about charging people different prices to enter the party. Brener said the strength of the state’s case is a factor when setting bond. He said there is a good chance Carey will walk on the shooting case because of the Stand Your Ground laws. On the other case, he said, Carey was in defense as well. “You have two aberrations in the young man’s life – both of which have not resulted in convictions, but for which he is presumed innocent – the judge is going to grant a bond,” he said.

Samantha Syoen, spokeswoman for the state attorney’s office, said under Florida law, suspects in many crimes are entitled to bond. “A bond is not a punishment,” Syoen said. “It is an assurance that the person will appear in court.”

– Staff writer Pat Gillespie contributed to this report