Sexual Crimes - Assaults - Battery - Child Pornography

Being charged with a sexual crime can have a tremendous impact on one’s reputation, employment, and freedom. It also may result in being labeled a sexual offender or sexual predator resulting in registration requirements, and involuntary civil commitment.


Sexual Crimes

Whether you’ve been charged with lewd or lascivious battery, molestation, exhibition, or sexual battery (rape), capital sexual battery, the mere allegation could be life altering. David Brener has extensive experience both handling and conducting jury trials in these types of sensitive cases.

If you have been charged with a sexual crime, David A. Brener has the knowledge and experience to help.

My goal is to clear your name and restore your freedom. David Brener is licensed to practice in all the courts in the State of Florida, and in federal district court.

  • Capital Sexual Battery

  • Lewd and Lascivious Battery and Molestation

  • Sexual Battery

  • Child Pornography