Weapons Offenses

Firearms and Weapons Offenses can be charged in two separate ways. First, the possession of the weapon itself may be unlawful, such as machine guns, or firearms and ammunition in the possession of a convicted felon. Second, the possession, use or discharge of weapons may be used to enhance the severity of the possible sentence by reclassifying the crime, and/or by triggering the imposition of a minimum mandatory.

My Experience In Weapons Offenses

David Brener has extensive experience representing people charged with every conceivable type of weapons offense.

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  • Possession of Firearm / Ammunition by Convicted Felon

  • Carrying Concealed Firearm

  • Possession of Firearm with altered / obliterated serial number

  • Aggravated Assault with a Firearm / Deadly Weapon

  • Minor in Possession of a Weapon / Firearm

  • Shooting at from or within a Motor Vehicle

  • Possession of a Sub-Machine Gun

  • Use of a Firearm during Commission of a Felony