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Defends Naples Man On Murder Case by Davide Brener

House arrest and probation was the sentence on a Naples murder case recently defended in court by Criminal Attorney David A. Brener of Brener and DeMine, PLLC. Brener’s client, “S.O.”, was charged with Murder in the shooting death of the boyfriend of one of his tenants. The state’s case included evidence of animus between the defendant and the victim, as well as evidence that the defendant lied in wait for the victim to arrive, and inflicted a second fatal shot as a coup de grace in order to insure the victim’s demise. Although it could have been charged as a first degree murder, the case was filed as a second degree murder. After extensive investigation, motion work, mitigation investigation, and plea negotiations, Brener was able to secure a plea to a reduced charge of manslaughter, and a sentence of two years house arrest followed by three years probation. The defendant, who had been out on bond for years on the original murder charge after a bond hearing conducted by Brener, was thereby able to avoid both pre-trial and post-conviction incarceration. The case was resolved in June, 2015.