Brener Gets Client 5 Years For Killing Wife by NewsPress


Jonathan Vazquez will spend three years in prison followed by five years on probation for accidentally killing his wife two years ago. A Jury found Vazquez guilty of manslaughter in the Nov. 27, 2004 death of his wife Crystal while she sat on the couch beside the couple’s 6-year-old daughter. His attorneys, David Brener and Miguel Fernandez lll said he didn’t know the gun was loaded when he put it to his wife’s neck and pulled the trigger.

Tearful family members on Both sides of the family spoke last Friday and again today about the pain they’ve gone through since the death. Crystal Vazquez’s family spoke about pest domestic abuse and how it was Intentional, Jonathan Vazquez’s family spoke about how he can be used to speak to teens about the danger of guns. Vazquez was sentenced to 10 years by Senior Judge Jack Schoonover. Five of the years will be on probation and Vazquez will get credit for the nearly two years he has spent In the Lee County Jail.