Court Cases

Brener Convinces Jury to Acquit Client in Naples Murder And Attempted Murder Case

An Immokalee man was found Not Guilty of Murder and Attempted Murder in April, 2015 after his attorney, David A. Brener of Brener and DeMine, PLLC, convinced a Naples jury that his client was not the man who committed the crime. Gens Cadet, 30, was charged in the murder of one local man and attempted murder of another during an incident that occurred at the Immokalee Apartments during a “vey” or haitian wake in 2013. After a warrant was issued for Cadet’s arrest, Brener surrendered his client to the Naples Jail Center and began to investigate the case and possible defenses. At trial, Brener raised misidentification as a defense, and elicited testimony regarding the descriptions, opportunity to observe, use of suggestive lineups, and questionable police conduct. After a ninety minute closing argument, Brener’s client was found not guilty of both murder and attempted murder. Gens Cadet is now a free man.